Frequently asked questions


Why isn’t your face in your photos?

To protect my privacy, in a perfect world there would be no need for me to do this as I take a lot of pride in my profession. However, the reality is that being ‘out’ puts me at risk of discrimination, so my privacy must be protected.

Can you send me a picture with your face in it?

No, for the same reasons of privacy protection. I understand my appearance matters in your decision but please rest assured that I have many regular clients.

Do you have tattoos/piercings?

Yes I do, they’re removed from all photos to protect my privacy but I have a few - most are quite small. I’m actually in the process of having most of my tattoos removed; however I don’t believe they distract from my overall aesthetic…unless you really hate tattoos I guess.

I also have my ears pierced.

Do you travel interstate or to another country for bookings?

I certainly can, please email me to discuss.

What do you study?

I’m always happy to discuss this with you in person but not online or in messages.

Do you take your clothes off in your body rub service?

Seems only fair since I will get you to remove yours ;) I can always keep my lingerie on if you’d prefer.

Do you use condoms for oral sex?

Yes I do, no exceptions.