Treat me right baby…

  1. I will be squeaky clean, smelling sweet and dressed neatly when we meet, I ask that you’re the same.

  2. My prices are very competitive and while I welcome you tailoring a service that better meets your needs, don’t argue with me about prices I set. I am always upfront and honest so please respect the way I cost my services.

  3. Please respect my privacy and personal life as I will respect yours.

  4. Whether we’ve seen each other 10 times or are meeting for our first appointment I will perform a sexual health check on you (yes even for a body rub service) so please embrace this concept because I have no exceptions. I always have a current sexual health certificate that I am more than willing to show you if requested.

  5. Relax, yes I know this can be easier said than done. But try to set your mind at ease and live in the moment with me. This is a special time you’re allowing yourself to have and I honestly believe that the benefits extend far beyond sexual gratification.